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You can step 2~3meters and also jump 1~2meters

Moonjumper is defined mainly by a flat spring controlled upon deformation, so, That the result is a straight movement relative to the ground. With the riser`s Functional principle, depressive spring characteristic and backward movement. Of the force point during deformation are achieved. This supports the natural Force point movement in the heels direction at higher loads and allows the Runner to transpose his optimal jumping energy. Hence, you can really fly You can step 2~3meters and also jump 1~2meters high It suits everybody and the age of the user does not matter which has now ?embodied the attraction of sport.The special product of vigorous workouts and for exciting amusement The dream of becoming YaoMing will come true, if you try it when you play basketball. You also show your cool dancing to people when you wear it to dance hip-hop. You will share the happiness with the world if you walk with it. Bring it to play sports with your children. Not only can you be close to them but also help your children increase their self-confidence with the sense of pride for a healthy body. This is not the new cosset of boys. Any girl who wants to look and feel beautiful can own it. Not just to have an attractive figure but also to enjoy the advantage of reduced body weight and increased muscle and to ensure cardio fitness.


Bangkok, Thailand
Bangkok, Thailand

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